New double pedal

New double pedal
2016-10-31 15:45

The new double foot pedal is a newcomer for ergonomic and fast working.

The table top crimping machines P20NMS and P32NMS are now even more comfortable and ergonomic to use with the new optional double foot pedal. The new TWO-PEDAL function eases working so that also the opening of dies can be operated from the double foot pedal. This makes the crimping process lean to the max.

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Technical facts about the double foot pedal:

When optional foot pedal is connected to the crimping machine, the close button on the control panel becomes disconnected and machine crimp cycle is operated sole from the double foot pedal.

The open button on the control panel remains operational due to safety reasons to allow machine to be opened either from foot pedal or from the push button on the control panel.
The energy saving feature shuts off the machine hydraulics after the button or foot pedal is released. So nothing in the new energy saving features will be lost when optional double foot pedal is purchased.
Part number for Double Foot Pedal 676906

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