New Finn-Power grease launched

New Finn-Power grease launched
2016-10-03 13:15

Lillbacka Powerco has launched a new and improved Finn-Power Grease, which is especially designed for our Finn-Power machines.

Lillbacka Powerco has launched a new and improved grease on the market and it has proven to be even better than our previous grease. Finn-Power Grease has been developed together with the manufacturer, so it is best suited for Finn-Power machines. Please use our Finn-Power Grease to get the best results from your Finn-Power machine.

Greasing is a very important maintenance task that should not be neglected. Remember to apply the grease every four hours so that the accuracy of the machine stays optimized. Small amount of grease is enough, and it is better to apply it often than to use a lot of grease at once. Spread well.

Lillbacka Powerco sells Finn-Power Grease exclusively to our distributors and you can get yours by contacting your local distributor. You’ll find all of our distributors from our website