Product: One software to manage production in a global level

One software to manage production in a global level

Product management hasn’t ever been as easy

Watchman software option provides new level of management capability for your Finn-Power manufacturing machines and cells. Connectivity of the control to company network, and even to the internet, elevates the crimping machine and crimping cell management to new levels where all machines, regardless of their global locations can work from the updated crimping data and parameters.

Technical Specifications

  • Recipe bank
  • Order management          
  • Multiuser interface with different user levels
  • Real-time quality reporting module
  • Data integrator                 
  • Additional device module
  • API for external IT-systems
  • Integration to factory systems (MES, ERP, SAP etc.)
  • Easy to use -user interface
  • Modular software architecture enables easy expandability
  • Encrypted communications
Product: Sofware


Watchman works in a multiuser interface with different user levels.
Encrypted connection secures orders to be transferred worldwide.

Installation made easy for different kinds of factory compositions, not only for crimper/cutter pairs. Installation on-premises or cloud.

Product: Orders


With Watchman the production manager has all access to manage orders, job queues and recipes while minimizing errors from production. Real-time quality reporting gathers data during production.

Easy to use -user interface

Easy to use -user interface

Visual symbols guide the operator to complete tasks with ease and comfort.
­Units changeable from millimetres to inches.

Product: Accelerate order handling and scheduling

Accelerate order handling and scheduling

Watchman allows you to create new orders and give delivery dates immediately to customer, while you’re still in a customer meeting